Win Over $5000 in Jackpot Today! Roo-Jackpot is increasing!

Win Over $5000 in Jackpot Today! Roo-Jackpot is increasing!

The Roo-Jackpot is a big winnable pot of betting money. They take a percentage of that for every bet created on Casino Roobet and position it in jackpot today.

There are distinct methods to win the whole or sections of the pot for each match. The following determines the proportion of jackpot today you are going to receive if you meet the match demands.

Over $40.00 100%
Over $4.00 10%
Over $0.40 1%

Other Rules: They must be at least $0.40 for bets to be eligible. This is a scheme of self-reporting. If you believe you can claim roo- jackpot today, just stop betting and contact Roobet help.

Dice: You must roll 2.00 and then 8.37 straight after each other to be eligible to claim Jackpot today from playing dice (which is Roobet in 1337)

Roulette: To be eligible to claim today’s jackpot from playing colors, colors have to land on gold 7 times in a row and you’ve had to bet gold 7 times each. If multiple people win at the same time, the amount bet will divide the win equally.

Crash is not yet included in the roo-jackpot eligibility.

Today’s Jackpot is over $5000 and increasing every day!

Besides this attracive Jackpot, Roobet offers a lot of rewards and Roobet Promo Coupons which you can find on their Twitter site …

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